Here's a font I made a long time ago. It's modeled (fairly crudely) off of the handwriting of a friend of mine, Adam.


Looking back now, it's not very well made, and I'm not exactly proud of it. But for whatever reason, the open-source world latched onto it and have spread it around everywhere. (This, I assume, is partially because it's one of the few fonts out there released under the SIL Open Font License.) Because of this, Breip can be found in the package management systems of several Linux distributions.

With that said, feel free to download Breip. It's released under the SIL Open Font License, and must be distributed upon those terms. Like I said, there are also Linux packages available, so check your distro's package management system, if that's your thing.

Oh, and if you happen to use Breip in something, I'd be happy to know. Get in touch.